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My name is Randa - Yoga Teacher, Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Birth Coach

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

If you have found yourself on my blog you might already know me, maybe you attended one of my classes (if so, thank you)! But if not, welcome. Let me introduce myself properly...

My name is Randa. I am a devoted mama to two beautiful little hearts and I am also founder of Breathe Yoga London. I am a highly trained (and registered) Yoga Teacher, Hypnobirthing practitioner & Birth Coach. I specialise in Yoga for Women and Birth Preparation.

I fell in love with yoga from my very first class. I was at a point in my life where I needed something to inspire me. Build my confidence. Give me focus. That is exactly what I got when I started attending weekly yoga classes. I now practice yoga daily and it has helped me deal with trauma and anxiety. I cannot put into words how much it has changed my life, giving me the tools I need to thrive and feel strong everyday.

Yoga helped me SO much throughout my pregnancy and motherhood journey. It made me feel safe, supported and knowledgable. It was at this point everything changed. I changed career path (I used to be an interior designer!) and vowed to share what I’ve learnt to help other mamas learn to breathe fully once again.

Teaching mindfulness and yoga through pregnancy, birth and post-natal is my way of contributing to the world and making it a better place. I want to continue to learn and grow my expertise, so all my mamas feel safe and supported as they practice with me.

My group classes are a great place to build new friendships and communities...they do say it takes a village to raise a child. Check out some of the testimonials I have received - this really is my souls work.

I offer a range of in person and online classes including the following. If you have any questions about any of these classes, please do get in touch (

These classes are a complete nurturing and communication experience that deepens the bond between you and your baby. It is great fun to learn and a fantastic way to meet other parents whilst you spend special time with your baby.

Yoga classes are a mindful form of exercise which are designed to enhance your awareness of your mind and body. It is an insightful journey with yourself, with so much to learn along the way. A typical session includes linking movements with breath, various breathing techniques and is often complimented with a meditation at the end.

This is the best way to build a positive connection with your unborn baby...a pregnancy yoga course like no other. And all done online, so in the comfort of your own home! The course includes short, easy-to-follow mind and body wellbeing video and audio sessions, that you can enjoy any time, anywhere.

I also offer a bespoke doula package for my clients which is when I am hired as a birth doula. Many of my clients like to incorporate private pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing so that they feel super prepared and confident for the birth.

A free consultation is available to book to ensure we are a perfect fit, you can book that here.

We also have a fortnightly newsletter called "The Collective Journal" which keeps everyone up to date with with what classes I have running and offers advice and support whatever stage of motherhood you are currently enjoying.


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