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The Dream | Pregnancy Yoga Course

What if you could have a more positive pregnancy. Feel in control of your mind, trust your body and build a true connection with your baby. All while still feeling like you? 

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While huge changes are taking place in your body during pregnancy, daily life remains the same, often busier than ever. 


Amongst work stressors and home pressures, we can feel disconnected from our body and baby. Losing ourselves in the everyday and feeling out of control mentally and physically. 

I see first-time mamas hoping they can wing-it through pregnancy and birth, without stopping to prepare for what’s ahead. 


I also see fourth time mamas without the opportunity to focus on their unborn baby, while they care for their older children.

 Imagine loving your pregnancy, beaming with pride and feeling serene everyday (Ok, most days!)

Whether you’re feeling anxious or totally relaxed about your pregnancy, taking a moment to yourself each day to come back to your body, reconnect with your baby and prepare for the beautiful journey ahead, is essential to your wellbeing. 

This course and community will give you permission to stop, reflect and think about what’s coming. To identify with your new self and create space for your baby.

“It’s one of the best investments you can give to yourself. 

Time to reflect on yourself. Switch off, time for you.”


Welcome to The Dream Birth Collective | Pregnancy Yoga

A pocket of peace in your day to breathe, move and find stillness  (whether this is your first baby or your fourth!)


The course includes short, easy-to-follow mind and body wellbeing video and audio sessions, that you can enjoy any time, anywhere throughout your pregnancy.  

This is different to all the other pregnancy yoga courses you’ve come across. 


Together we focus on the mental and physical aspects of pregnancy through yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, all led by a qualified instructor.


The course includes 12 months of access to:


These include different styles of yoga, some slower, some more high-energy so you can tailor to the stage in your pregnancy journey 


Pregnancy-safe breathing techniques you can use throughout your pregnancy and birth to deeply relax and come back to your body


Simple guided meditations designed to help you feel more connected and bring your attention inwards to yourself and your baby of your services


Join your qualified instructor and other ladies on the same journey, to ask questions, share and connect each week


Chat, share and support the other mamas on the course and have access to me for any questions through a group messaging app


  • Birth plan template and birthing positions so you’ll feel empowered throughout labour 

  • Positive affirmations for mental wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and birth

  • Coupon for a discount for The Dream Birth Collective birth and post-natal courses 


Bundle value £27  (but you’ll get them all for free)



Once you join you’ll get an email straight away with your log-in details, so you can access the sessions whenever you like.

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 All mamas can connect with their babies at any stage in their pregnancy through yoga
and mindfulness techniques

Through this course and community you’ll…


Strengthen a positive self-image and trust that your body is capable of the beautiful birth experience ahead 


Feel empowered with the mental and physical tools to continue your pregnancy stronger, more optimistic and totally relaxed


Learn yoga flows to combat stiffness, aches, pains and uncomfortable postures and use them whenever and wherever you need 


Find the space and accountability to focus on your body, mind and baby each day, or whenever you canal tools to continue your pregnancy stronger, more optimistic and totally relaxed


How long will I get access to the course and community for? 

You will have access for 12 months, so you can use the sessions whatever stage in pregnancy you’re at


How will I access the video and audio sessions? 

Once you have joined you will receive an email containing your login details. From there you can access the course portal and view the content as often as you like, and in whichever order you choose 


How do I join the live coaching calls? 

Upon joining you will receive the information and links to join the monthly calls. There will also be replay available if you can’t make them live 


What if I get stuck or have a question during the course? 

I am here to support you, just send an email to if you have a question or get stuck at any point. If you’re happy to wait, you can save your question for the live coaching call, where you can share with other mamas who may be experiencing the same thing


Can’t I just get pregnancy yoga tutorials on Youtube for free? 

There are lots of free options out there, with varying degrees of quality. With my sessions you can be sure the yoga flows and breathing techniques I am teaching are safe for whatever stage in pregnancy you are at. Plus you can ask questions anytime and join monthly live coaching calls - there aren’t any YouTubers offering that! 


There isn’t a lot of space in my home, can I still do yoga? 

As long as you have space for a towel or mat, you’ll be fine. All the sessions have been designed with a ‘home studio’ in mind and you don’t need any special equipment, other than a device to watch/listen on

What if I don’t like the course? 

Due to the nature of digital products, we run a no-refund policy, however if you're not 100% happy with the course, please do get in touch as we'd love a chance to make it right for you


I won’t be able to commit time to this every day, is that OK? 

There is no pressure and won’t get left behind. All the sessions are self-paced, if you can commit 30 minutes each day, that’s great but equally just by taking some time out of your week you’ll feel the benefits.


“I worked with Randa up until I gave birth, this gave me the space to focus on myself, which I don’t think I would have done otherwise.


The time really let me check in and listen to me. The stretching felt like it was making a difference and I slept so well after the sessions” 

Allowing yourself the space your mind and body needs to prepare for the birth of your baby, whether it’s your first or fourth child, will have a huge impact on your positive pregnancy and birth experience. 


I can’t wait to share this course and community with you, as you feel in control of your mind, trust your body and build a true connection with your baby. All while still feeling like you. 


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