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This wonderful Hypnobirthing and Yoga for Birth workshop delivers all the essentials for a positive, physiological, and empowering birth experience. A fabulously proven course that combines the best yoga for birth and hypnobirthing techniques in one package so that you can birth your baby with confidence and ease.

As you may already know, hypnobirthing is a highly effective and positive approach to childbirth preparation, one that supports all birth outcomes, including complex and challenging births.​  

If you want to increase your opportunity for a calmer and natural birth, look no further.

This contemporary antenatal education is logical, simple, and practical, ensuring you are equipped with all the holistic tools and techniques to enhance your childbirth toolkit.
​Enjoy a daily practice that uses words in a more gentle, positive, and focused way, enabling you to let go of the negatives surrounding birth and to develop a stronger mindset as you connect with your innate feminine power and your birth partner bursting with confidence.​


This course is ideal to start between weeks 20 and 30 of your pregnancy, allowing sufficient time to embody the techniques and to prepare the mind.

Hypnobirthing Workshop with Blume Wellness

Hypnobirthing & Yoga for Birth

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Workshop Content:



What is Hypnobirthing and

Yoga for Birth?

The amazing uterus

The power of the mind 

What is the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system?



Breathing for Birth

 Pelvic floor exercises

Perineal massage

How to prevent tearing 

Baby Positions

Active Positions for Birth 


Birth Physiology

What is a physiological birth?

Learn how to create and own your birth space


The Journey 

Know your choices and their implications from evidence-based facts and how the maternity system works

Intervention & Induction

Reframing due dates

Onset of labour


The Birth

What are your birthing options Home Birth / Birth Centre / Consultant Unit

Various stages of labour

Golden hour


More tools

Meditations, Visualisations, Affirmations

How and when to use them

Hypnobirthing Benefits

  • Hypnobirthing supports ALL births

  • Releases any fears you may have about childbirth, no matter how they originated

  • Creates an integral role for the partner/birth companion helping them to feel confident and more supportive 

  • Promotes fewer breech presentations and other special circumstances

  • May reduce the length of the first stages of labour by several hours

  • Less or no medication is required

  • Less medical intervention is required

  • It helps normalise blood pressure levels

  • Reduced physical risk of tearing, pelvic floor damage, or episiotomy

  • Reduced fear and anxiety

  • Reduction in reported pain experienced

  • Feel calm, relaxed, and more in control

  • Feel confident and informed when dealing with medical staff

  • Feel confident to talk to medical staff

  • Results in a much calmer, more alert baby who can feed and sleep well


Trust your body's innate wisdom and intuition to birth your baby 



MANUAL | A printed manual with all the course content and more!

AUDIOS | Get exclusive access to guided breathing techniques and meditations 

BOOK | A fabulous book written by Dr Sara Wickham

BONUS GIFTS|You'll receive access to our Pregnancy & Birth Digital Bundle worth £27 and a bag full of wonderful goodies to enjoy too!


ZOOM | 2 weeks after the workshop completion, join me for a 1/1.5-hour zoom session to answer any questions

EMAIL SUPPORT | Just because the workshop ends it does not stop there!

I will continue to hold space for you and support you via email and answer all your questions until you have your baby.

I want you to feel as confident as ever giving birth.

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