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What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is an approach to pregnancy and birth which combines deep relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. This enables a woman to release fears, increase confidence and feel calm so their experience of labour is easier and more comfortable. There are different schools of hypnobirthing and each teacher will add their own twist to these foundations.

Hypnobirthing uses positive reinforcement to help you think differently about birth. This is particularly useful if you have preconceived ideas about birth and labour being something traumatic. Hypnobirthing will replace those thoughts with empowering messaging and visualisations.

This video explains the differences between Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga - it's a question I get asked quite a lot and I really hope it helps.

If you are looking to increase your opportunity for a calmer and natural birth then look no further than Breathe Yoga London. My Private Hypnobirthing Course is logical, simple and practical, ensuring you are equipped with all the holistic tools and techniques to enhance your childbirth toolkit.

Enjoy a daily practice that uses words in a more gentle, positive, and focused way, enabling you to let go of the negatives surrounding birth and to develop a stronger mindset as connect with your innate feminine power.

This amazing and insightful course will ensure you know everything essentially about birth, empowering you and your birth partner so that you feel entirely confident when making informed choices for your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

You can find out more about this Hypnobirthing Course and book it here.

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