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Best Positions for Labour & Birth

The best positions for labour and birth are those that help the mother to be comfortable and facilitate the progress of labour. No one should be telling you what position you should labour or birth in.

Can midwives/doulas/doctors provide suggestions? Absolutely! But there is no single ideal position for a particular point in labour or birth.

Through learning about physiological birth and the biomechanics of the pelvis I have come to understand the range of postures and positions you can adopt with or without help. The most important thing is that when that moment comes just try to listen, feel and move...don't overthink it. Trust that your body knows what to do!

Here are some common positions that could be used:

⭐️ Upright positions: Standing, squatting, or leaning forward on a surface can help gravity assist in the descent of the baby through the birth canal. These positions can also help the mother to use her abdominal muscles to push more effectively.

⭐️Sitting positions: Sitting on a birth ball, a chair, or a stool can also be helpful. These positions can help the mother to stay upright and use gravity to her advantage.

⭐️Side-lying positions: Lying on one side can help the mother to rest and conserve her energy. This position can also be helpful if the baby's heart rate needs to be monitored.

⭐️Hands and knees positions: This position can help to relieve back pain and can help to rotate the baby if they are in an unfavourable position.

At this point I would like to mention the birthing ball, have you tried using one?

Personally, I LOVE THEM!!!

A birthing ball might just be one of your best pregnancy buys and there is a multitude of ways you can use one.

It can be used during every stage of your pregnancy and is beneficial postnatally too! I used the birthing ball during both my pregnancies and still use it now - even when I’m not using it whilst teaching, I just find it really helps with relieving my back discomforts.

It can help to promote good posture and relieves spinal pressure to ease back pain/niggles. Gentle bouncing on your ball is also useful for helping the baby's head drop into the pelvic area. PLUS, birthing balls can be used during all stages of labour.

I see my job as empowering women to give birth in a way that feels right to them. I want women to go into labour informed, self assured and with the belief they can do it. With that in mind, I have created a digital bundle that will transform your pregnancy and birth experience.

In this bundle you will receive a:

💕Birth Plan Template: A thoroughly thought out and clearly presented birthing blueprint that gives you all the options you'll need to list your preferences and provide the midwife with a guide to the kind of birth you wish to achieve.

💕Birthing Positions Guide: Over 28 different active birthing positions in this beautifully illustrated Guide.

💕Hospital Bag Essentials Guide: This guide lists some must need items as well as a few suggestions, not only for yourself and baby, but for your partner too.

💕Pregnancy Wellbeing Essentials Guide: Highly effective practices and tips that you can easily implement throughout your pregnancy to promote balance and comfort.

💕Empowering Affirmations For Birth Guide: A carefully selected list of affirmations that will mentally prepare you for an easier and shorter birth.

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