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Nurture Your Postnatal Recovery with Postnatal Yoga
The fourth trimester is a tender time, and we understand the challenges that come with recovering from the physical and emotional journey of childbirth. It's crucial to be kind to yourself, utilizing this special time for nurturing and nourishing to regain your well-being.

Unique Recovery for Every New Mother:
Every birth is unique, and every new mother responds to her experience in her way. Postnatal yoga provides gentle and supportive tools to assist your postnatal recovery gracefully.

When to Start:
* Suitable from 6-8 weeks for virginal birth
* 10 weeks post-C-Section, forceps, or 4th-degree tear
* Doctor/Midwife approval is essential

Book Your Session Now:
Seize the opportunity to discuss your requirements and embark on a bespoke 1-hour session tailored to support your journey into motherhood.
Click below to book your session today. Sessions are available online or in the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

  • Empower and nurture your new motherhood role

  • Avoid depleting precious energy stores

  • Gentle practice, focusing on recovery rather than dynamic flows

  •  Personalised consideration of your birthing experience and needs

Gentle Phasing Yoga Practice:
During this phase, we work gently from the inside out, resetting the foundation both physically and energetically. Your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor need time to recover, serving as a support system when your body is in motion.

Four Phases:

  • Reconfiguration

  • Recovery 

  • Rehabilitation

  • Rebuilding Your Personalised Journey

Your birthing experience and needs are highly considered.
We adapt the practice to avoid elements that may not be suitable for your unique postnatal recovery.

Ready to Realign Yourself with Your 'New Normal'?

See below and book your session

  • 1 hr

    85 British pounds


Enjoy a happier, faster & stronger postnatal recovery as you navigate through motherhood

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