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Mama & Baby Yoga

Mama and Baby Yoga is a gentle postnatal yoga exercise class offering a holistic approach to help your body recover post-birth.
This wonderful class not only balances the mind and body connection but also addresses the new challenges of parenthood.


Nurture Your Mind and Body 

Mama & Baby Yoga not only brings joy and fun to your day but also creates a fantastic opportunity to reclaim, reconnect and rebuild your body so that you feel stronger and more energised. This is the ultimate excuse to step out of your home and meet with other parents while spending special time with your baby.

Life-Changing Nourishment:
The nourishing benefits of both Mama & Baby Yoga are truly life-changing. Experience improved circulation, aid digestion, and strengthen joints and muscles most delightfully. Embark on a complete nurturing and communication experience that deepens the bond between you and your baby all whilst you get stronger in your mind and your body. 

Book Your Session Now:
Seize the opportunity to create beautiful memories with your baby. Click below to book your Mama & Baby Yoga session today and join a community of parents. Let the nurturing journey begin! 

Drop-in sessions are available to book!

Group Baby Classes

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